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My Masterlist.


So, here is a list of all the imagines I have ever written, as some of you have been asking for one.


You nurse Dean back to health.
You eat his pie.
You’re sick on a hunt.
He’s worried about Sam.
You have a fight with him, Sam comes to talk to you.
You save him from a Demon after not seeing him for a while.
He proposes to you.
You crash the Impala.
He doesn’t want you to hunt.
He hasn’t seen you in a while and doesn’t think you’re still alive.
You go on a hunt, and he has to save you.
You don’t think you deserve him.
He nurses you back to health after a hunt goes wrong.
You get food poisoning.
You relapse and Dean feels responsible.
You have a fight with Sam (platonic relationship) and Dean (possible DeanxReader) comforts you.
The two of you are stuck in a closet after having a fight.
You meet him in a bar.
You have drunk sex with Sam, and Dean’s not happy cause he likes you.
Morning after.    
Dean saves you from the Yellow Eyed Demon.
You’re struggling to tell Dean that you’re pregnant.   
You have an eating disorder and relapse while Dean’s away.    
He teaches you how to play guitar.    
You have Dean’s baby while he’s in hell, and he doesn’t know.    
Dean tries to impress you with the Impala.   
He returns from hell.  
Cas walks in at the wrong moment. 
It’s your first time and he’s sweet about it.   
You have a panic attack while on a hunt.  
He flirts with you while pretending to be a fed.   
You get married.  
He thinks he’s going to be a bad father.   
You over hear him talking to Sam about proposing.
He confesses his feelings after you relapse.    
You’re Bobby’s daughter and he flirts with you.    
He gets jealous and it changes your relationship.    
You’re teaching Cas how to be human and he gets jealous.   
He lets you drive the Impala.   
A vampire crashes your wedding day.  
He shows up at you’re house and you’re only wearing a baggy shirt.   
You have to fake being his girlfriend to get him out of jail.   
You get into a heated argument while stuck on a hunt.   
He gets turned into a cat.   
The two of you ‘hate’ each other and have to pretend to be a couple.   
He gets annoyed because you help Cas get to sleep.   
You move into Bobby’s neighborhood and he asks you out.   
You were friends with Sam in college and Dean asks you out when you see him.
You have a water fight and he doesn’t want to join in at first.   
He gets jealous of your relationship with Garth.    
You have to dress nice for a hunt and Dean’s speechless.   
Cas reveals something about your relationship with Dean.  
You get stood up.  
You’re introduced to Charlie.  
You have to flirt in order to get evidence for a case.   
Ash flirts with you and Dean doesn’t like it.   
You lose your baby.  
Dean gets body swapped with a teenager and you notice.  
You come back from hell and Dean’s dating someone else.   
He confesses his feelings after you’ve been broken up with.   
Dean thinks you’re flirting with Sam.  
You tell Sam you want to name your baby after him.   
Your wedding vows.  
You’re Garth’s sister and you hunt with the boys.  
You work with the Ghostfacers.  
You get hurt pretty bad and he stitches you up. 
You don’t want help on a hunt, but he follows you anyway.  
Crowley uses you as bait.   
You tell John how much you think he’s messed Dean’s life up.   
Your brother gets killed by a demon.   
You can’t sleep, so end up cooking at 3 in the morning.  
You’re Garth’s hunting partner and Dean flirts endlessly.   
Dean meets his child for the first time.  
Doctor Who crossover. (Part One)   
Doctor Who crossover. (Part Two)
Sam catches on that you’re pregnant.   
Dean shows up at your wedding.  
You’re a hunters kid and you meet Dean at the school you had to attend.  
Bobby calls you and asks you to help Dean on a hunt.  
Dean shows your son how to do things on the Impala.  
You’re a hunter, but you also like to dress girly.  
Daddy Dean.   
You have to stay in a motel with Dean the two of you like each other, Sam gets jealous. (Teen!Dean)   
You need help with a hunt and Dean flirts with you.  
Dean bonds with a child from your past relationship.  
You’ve been in hospital and Dean cares for you.   
You have bad period pains and Dean’s worried about you.  
You haven’t seen Dean in a while and you can be yourself around him. (Teen!Dean) 
You spend Christmas together.  
You and Dean are secretly dating.  
You and Dean don’t know the other is a hunters kid. (Teen!Dean)    
You have a thing for Dean’s stubble.  
You help when he has Ghost sickness.  
She Looks So Perfect.   
Dean loves the way you are with Sam. (Teen!Dean)  
You get poisoned and there’s no hospital around.    
You had to stay behind for a hunt and it took longer than you wanted it to.  
He finds your ticklish spots.   
You have a panic attack in the middle of the night.   
You’re dancing around Bobby’s house in practically nothing.  
You get sent to the French Mistake world and you’re married to Jensen.
You stop Dean from making a Demon Deal by telling him how you feel.
**** You and Dean lounge around and nap all day.     


Your wedding day.
You get hurt pretty bad on a hunt, he saves you.
Bobby walks you down the isle at your wedding to Sam.
Sam’s possessed and the Demon reveals his feelings for you.
Dean and Cas fancy you, but you’re already dating Sam.
You see Sam shirtless and get embarrassed.
He stops drinking Demon blood for you.
Morning after.
You relapse and he thinks it’s his fault.
He proposes.
It’s your first time and he’s sweet about it.
You dated in the past and there’s some tension.
You meet him in a library.
You stand up for Sam in school.
You have his child and he gets a little emotional.    
You get worried because you haven’t heard from him.   
The two of you play poker to decide whether you can go hunting.   
You have a panic attack and he calms you down.   
He loves the difference in your heights.   
You have low self esteem and he cheers you up.   
He finds out you self harm.   
Your parents don’t like Sam.   
You run into him on a hunt and he asks you out.    
He sees you dressed up for a case.   
You admit your feelings while drunk.   
You get into a heated argument and Dean tries to stand up for you.   
You’re a fallen angel and you fall in love with Sam.  
You aren’t confident about your weight and Sam cheers you up.  
The boys crash a wedding and Sam can’t bring himself to leave without asking you for a dance.   
You and Sam go to the park.   
You haven’t seen Sam in 3 months.  
First kiss with Stanford!Sam.  
You’re sick and Sam takes care of you.   
You help Sam fall asleep.  
Sam’s sick and you help him get better.   
Sam won’t let you hunt so you go off on your own.  
You play truth or dare and you have to admit your feelings for Sam.  
You meet Sam at a college party.  
Cold Coffee.  
You run into an ex and Sam has to protect you.   
You have to cuddle Cas and Sam gets jealous.   
Your insecure about your height and Sam makes you feel beautiful.   


He asks Dean for advice.
You don’t think he loves you back. 
You marry him after he fell.
You help him fall asleep.
He catches you singing.
After saving you, he slowly falls in love with you.
The two of you go to a fair.
Morning after.
He gets mad that you’re spending time with Sam.
You take Cas to a pet shop.
You meet for the first time.   
He finds out you self harm.    
Falling asleep next to him.   
You get jealous when girls flirt with him.   
You fall asleep on him.   
You’re sick and he takes care of you.
Cas brings a kitten back to your apartment and wants you to take care of it.
You get jealous of Meg and Cas.   
You and Cas go for a walk and it starts snowing.  
You flirt with Cas and make him nervous.   
You and Cas cuddle in the back of the Impala.   
You and Cas get caught making out.   
Cas gets called back to heaven and you’re not happy about it.   
He hears you playing guitar.  
Cas shows up injured and you have to nurse him back to health.   
Angels kidnap and torture you to get information out of Cas.   
Give me love.   
Cas has a crush and you have to dress fancy for a hunt.  
You teach Cas how to play soccer.   


You’re recovering from self harm. (Sam and Dean)
It’s your time of the month.
Target Practice.
You go to the beach.

Body Switching.
Jealousy (Dean and Cas). 
They walk in on you changing.
Trouble sleeping.
They see you dressed up fancy.
Falling asleep.   
Falling in love.   
You don’t want to open up but you break. (Sam and Cas)   
They ask you out for the first time.  
Cuddle weather.  
You wear their clothes.   
He feels bad about you being hurt.  
You go missing.
A witch curses Sam and Dean with period pains.   
They comfort you.   
They walk in on you in the bathroom.  
You suffer with depression.  
The boys catch you not wearing much clothing.   
You’re shorter than the boys and they tease you.   
You fall asleep in the back of the Impala and they carry you inside and tuck you in. (Sister relationship with TFW)


Gabe falls in love with you, and only Cas approves.
You have a bad dream and Gabe comforts you.

You tell Gabe that you are pregnant.   
You had Adam’s child and he comes back from hell.    
Yours and Gabe’s daughter has a nightmare.   
You get into a huge argument with Gabriel.  


Jo and Dean sunbathing.
Jo comes back from the dead. (Chestervelle.)
The boys have to torture Jo’s body to get information from a Demon. (Chestervelle.)   
Dean and Jo cuddles.   
Meg and Cas dinner date.
Jo and Dean valentines day.     
Meg tells Cas that she’s pregnant.    
Jo and Dean kisses.
Meg feels the baby kicking and Cas gets excited.  
Jo and Dean find out they’re going to be parents.    
Jo has the baby and Deans emotional.   
Meg and Cas fight.  
Dean and Cas admit their feelings.   

So, there you go, everything I have every written in one place, (there are so many Dean ones) I didn’t think I had written that many imagines, but there you have it. I will update this when I write more imagines, but in honor of getting to 3K, have a masterlist. It took me 3 hours to make, but you are all worth it! I love you all!

- Amelia xo

New imagine added you can find it with a **** next to it!

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Anonymous said:
hiya! can i request an imagine the reader and dean spend all day in bed cuddling and napping? i've had a super busy week at work and i am sooo tired and something like that would be great. thanks! your blog is amazing and keeps me going xoxo

^Sure I can^

You yawned as you walked out of the bathroom of the motel room you and Dean were currently occupying. It had been a rough couple of days, the hunt you had been on took a little more effort than you thought it would, and you kind of just wanted to sleep for days.

You had woken up a little early though, Dean was still snoring slightly and you looked over at him with a small smile on your face. You sighed in content and made your way back to bed and slipped in next to him.

Dean stirred a little as the bed dipped under your weight, he opened one eyes and looked over at you, his arm making it’s way around your waist at the same time in order to bring you close to his side.

"Mm, morning." His gruff voice whispered into your hair as he closed his eyes again and pressed a lingering kiss there. You smiled a little and snuggled into his chest, holding onto him tightly for a moment, getting comfortable.

"Morning." You said against his chest, your lips brushing slightly against his skin and you smirked when you felt him shiver slightly. He trailed his finger tips up and down any bar skin that he could find, your upper arms, the small of your back, your exposed neck. It was like he wanted to do nothing but touch you, and you had no problem with that. "Can we stay here all day?" You felt Dean’s chuckle rumble through his chest and you looked up at him.

"I was thinking the same thing." Dean opened his eyes a looked down at you, a small smile tracing the corner of his lips. You grinned widely and reached up to press a kiss to his lips. You could feel him smiling against your lips, kissing you back.

You sighed happily and then laid your head back on his chest, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. It didn’t take you long to fall asleep, you hadn’t realized just how tired you were, and how much it had taken out of you.

With the sound of Dean’s light breathing and his strong arms protecting you, you fell asleep with no trouble at all.


You woke up what felt like days later, when in reality it was only a couple of hours. Dean’s chest was pressed firmly against your back, his arms tightly around your waist, his face buried in your neck.

You noticed that it was him that had woken you up, pressing light kisses up and down your neck. You smiled to yourself and let out a breath. You opened your eyes and looked at the clock on the bedside table and groaned.

"Urghh, is that really the time?" You moaned closing your eyes and burying your head in the pillow. Dean laughed a little against your skin, placing one more kiss there and letting go of you slightly.

"Yup, we’ve slept for most of the day." He grinned and you turned to look at him rolling your eyes slightly., then smirking a little bringing him close to you and pressing a kiss to his lips. He responded, tangling his hands in your hair.

"Well," you started pulling away but keeping your lips in touching distance, "there’s no point in getting up now then, is there?" Dean laughed a little and pressed another kiss to your lips, rolling you on your back and pressing you into the bed.

You laughed a little when his hand came into contact with your side, brushing against your sensitive skin and you had to break the kiss to laugh. Dean laughed along with you and brushed his fingertips there once more.

"I swear to god, don’t even think about it." You said, in your best stern voice, even though there was a smile on your face, grabbing his wrist and holding it away from you. Dean thought about it for a moment, then probably decided against it when you started to glare. All he did was press his lips to your once more.

You kissed him back, letting go of his wrist and entwining your fingers in the short hairs at the back of his head, smiling into the kiss and feeling him smile back.

You knew that you would have to get back to hunting soon, but for now, you and Dean were content to just be with each other.

^I AM SO FUDGING SORRY, PLEASE DON’T HATE ME! Here you are, dear anon, I am so sorry that it took me so long to update, but school is mad and I don’t have much time, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! xo^

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half of tumblr can’t reblog this


I’m ashamed of half of tumblr then…

There should be way more notes on this.






half of tumblr can’t reblog this


I’m ashamed of half of tumblr then…

There should be way more notes on this.

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I’m in love with this picture.

"Gabriel, no, please, not again."



I’m in love with this picture.

"Gabriel, no, please, not again."

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